Arlo Doorbell Setup

Arlo Doorbell Support

To install the Arlo doorbell, you have first to install the application provided by the Arlo community for your essential doorbell. After installing the app, create an account that will manage the Arlo doorbell setup, and also this single account can be used to manage all the devices under it. To install the doorbell you have first to follow the instructions as given in the Arlo app to install and then you can easily set up the Arlo doorbell. Once you have created the account in the Arlo app, you can access the account by using this application on your mobile phone or a tablet or by way of a computer using any web browser. 

A power kit has attached to the doorbell that ensures you that you will receive consistent power. This power kit for theArlo doorbell setup is necessary for the functioning of the bell and this features also prevents crime while ringing or in case of recording or live streaming. Arlo doorbell setup can easily be installed by following some steps. For that first, you have to turn off the power at the breaker since failure to turn off the power can result in serious injury. To follow this, remove the cover of the chime box.

Follow the specific instructions given in the Arlo app to connect the power kit wires to the chime, as sometimes the chime is more complex than the two or three wires so this might need by any professional electrician. Following the process, disconnect all the wires from the existing installed doorbell for that you can temporarily tape the wires to the wall to prevent this. Install the Arlo doorbell with or without a mounting wedge depending on the position of your doorbell. Then turn on the power at the breaker and check if the color of light is white or not. 

If the led is of solid amber then you can ensure that the transformer of the doorbell supplies the voltage of 16-24v AC. If the doorbell transformer is not giving the correct voltage then you might need to activate the bypass mode on the power kit of Arlo. On the other hand, if the led light is off the doorbell might be boot up then you have to wait for a minute before starting the troubleshooting and if the light is still off then it gives the indication that the doorbell is not receiving the power. For that, you have to turn off the power at the breaker and then again recheck the wiring.

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